Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes!!

To run a successful business, one should have a good business plan and to achieve healthy weight loss one should have a proper weight loss plan. However most of the people do small-small mistakes while following weight loss tips which inadvertently stops them from losing weight and send them to the brink of frustration

Here is a list of some of the common weight loss mistakes made by people during a weight loss plan:-

Starving yourself during the day time and eating at night: This is the most common weight loss mistake. Most of the people think that by limiting their day food intake and eating once in a day will help them lose weight. However the fact is that during day time our metabolic rate remains high and it decreases in the night. Thus in order to have an effective weight loss, you should restricts your food intake at night rather than during the day time.

Consume less of sugar: To lose weight, people generally decreases the intake of sugar especially used in tea, coffee etc. However they forget that sugar is also found in the products like ketchup, fruit juices, gums, mouth fresheners etc. Thus effective weight loss needs proper food management

Avoid using too much artificial sweeteners: Anything which is taken in excess will be harmful for your health i.e. Too much of artificial sweeteners may interfere with the metabolic pathway affecting health adversely

Eating excessive of munchies: Now a days people eat a lot of snacks including biscuit, mithai, dry fruits etc which results in weight gain.

Drinking along with meals: It will leads to indigestion and obesity. However try to drink a lot of water which will help you flush fat and remove toxins

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