Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Herbal Weight Loss Supplements: Pros and Cons!!

Obesity population has been increasing at an alarming rate every year, so grows the number of methods to fight obesity. The most popular weight loss methods include weight loss programs, fad diets, strict exercise regimen, herbal weight loss supplements etc

However most of the people cannot keep themselves abides to strict dieting regime or weight loss programs. Thus for those, herbal weight loss supplements are BEST options. Before opting for any herbal weight loss supplement you should be aware of their pros and cons i.e.

Advantages of herbal weight loss supplements

Herbal weight loss supplements have numerous benefits over prescription medications. Here given below are certain benefits of these natural weight loss supplements:

• Herbal weight loss supplements are available without prescription. You don’t have to follow any strict diet plan or exercise regimen to lose weight with herbal weight loss supplements. However these weight loss pills work BEST when combined with healthy nutrition.

• Herbal weight loss supplements lack chemical ingredients and thus doesn’t show any single side-effects. They are completely safe

• The effect of herbal weight loss supplements is permanent on the contrary prescription drugs have temporary effect.

• The herbal weight loss supplements not only enable you to lose weight but also promote your overall health

Drawbacks of herbal weight loss supplements

• A Huge number of herbal weight loss supplements are available in the market which makes it difficult to differentiate between ineffective, fraudulent weight loss pills and effective, safe weight loss pills.

• Very few herbal weight loss supplements are clinically tested. So always opt for an medically approved natural weight loss formula

• Avoid choosing herbal supplements which contain dangerous ingredients like Ephedra that causes fatal side-effects

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