Monday, November 29, 2010

Weight Loss Products: You Should Avoid!!

Today’s health food and drug stores are overflowing with a variety of weight loss products that claim to make you lose weight within days. However very few of them are actually capable of bringing out desirable changes in your body.

Here given below is the list of certain weight loss products which claims to treat you well but actually they do nothing other than harming your body:-

Weight Loss Product #1- Diet Patches

These patches claim to deliver chemicals into your blood stream through your skin. The chemicals present in diet patches absorb harmful substances from the body thereby flushing them out. However there is no scientific proof behind the working of these patches.

Weight Loss Product #2- Electric Muscle Stimulators

The stimulators are mainly available as belt. Through this weight loss product, electrical currents are sent into your muscles which will help you achieve lean muscles by breaking down cellulite. However the fact is that these stimulators claims are unproven and instead of burning your body fat they burns your skin

Weight Loss Product #3- Diet teas

Diet teas claim to have slimming properties due to the presence of active ingredients that flushes fats from your body. However the truth is that the prolonged use of such weight loss products will cause severe damage to your digestive system

Weight Loss Product #4- Weight Loss Drinks

These nutrient rich teas are low in calories and replace the entire meals. It is quite effective in losing weight however most of the people reported to have sudden weight gain after stopping the use of such drinks

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