Friday, July 30, 2010

Certain Weight Loss Facts You Should Aware of!!

If you are a person who is fed up of your apple shaped body and wants to opt for an appropiate weight loss medication then you must read this article.

Here given below are certain myths and facts about obesity and weight loss which helps you to choose a right weight loss product-

Myth #1 Limit the intake of complex carbohydrates as they are fattening

Fact #1 Food items such as cereals, potatoes, fruits, rice, bread, beans and pasta are generally low in calories and fat. However these food items become high in calories and fat when consumed excessively.

Myth #2 If you desire to lose weight then quit eating red meat as it will make you aim difficult for you.

Fact #2 An healthy weight plan mainly consist of little red meat as it is rich in nutrients like zinc, protein, iron etc. However excessive intake of red meat will results in weight gain due to the presence of cholesterol and saturated fat.

Myth #3 Wearing black will make you look slimmer

Fact #3 Obesity has nothing to do with the color. If you are obese then you will look obese whether you wear black or white or red.

Myth #4 One of the best way to achieve weight loss is by skeaping meals.

Fact #4 The fact is that skipping meals may weaken your body and lowers your rate of metabolism causing slow burning of calories.

Myth #5 All herbal products are safe and beneficial.

Fact #5 Not all herbal products are safe and effective in burning extra body fat as they are not tested properly in the laborateries for their safety. Thus always have a look on the ingredients list before buying any natural weight loss product. Make sure that the weight loss product you are choosing is safe and powerful like AcaiUltima. AcaiUltima natural weight loss remedy brings quick and safe weight loss by increasing the rate of metabolism. AcaiUltima natural weight loss formula detoxifies your system and burns fat more rapidly. It helps you to lose weight in a healthy and safe way.This “Acai” containing natural weight loss remedy controls stress related over eating and boosts immune functions. To know more about this incredibly effective natural weight loss remedy, visit

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