Friday, April 23, 2010

Weight Loss Diet Pills- Types and Possible Side-effects!!

Do weight loss diet pills really work?
Which weight loss diet pills are more effective?
What are the possible risk factors associated with weight loss diet pills?

These are some of the questions which usually come across your mind while opting for a weight loss diet pill. Today thousands of weight loss diet pills brands are available on the internet. However according to their mode of action they are categorized into 3 groups:-
• Fat burners
• Appetite suppressants
• Fat blockers
These may be either prescription pills or non –prescription pills.

Fat Burners: These are most commonly known as metabolism boosters. Fat burner weight loss diet pills helps in breaking down the fat internally. Fat burners don’t burn the fact itself instead it supports your body to burn fat rapidly by triggering the breaking process of fat.

Risk Factors: - Most of the fat burner weight loss diet pills cause discomfort and have dangerous side-effects.

Appetite suppressants: These are the most popular types of weight loss diet pills which are available with both prescription or without prescription. The prescription appetite suppressants include Meridia, Acomplia, and Phentermine.

Appetite suppressants usually take away your desire to eat and thus reduce the intake of food or calories considerably.

Risk factors: -These weight loss diet pills are made up of chemical ingredients which directly act on the brain to make you feel fuller and thus causing severe side-effects. However natural appetite suppressants are quite safer.

Fat Blockers: Fat blockers weight loss diet pills mainly work by affecting lipase enzymes which are responsible for fat ingestion i.e. Xenical.

Risk Factors: - Xenial is the most popular prescription fat blocker. However it has certain uncomfortable side-effects like abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and inability to absorb essential nutrients.

Hence it is better to opt for a natural weight loss diet pill which at least doesn’t cause any side-effect. AcaiUltima is the BEST natural weight loss pills which enables effective and fast weight loss within short period of time. It increases metabolism and stimulates detoxification of the body. AcaiUltima manages weight loss by controlling stress related over-eating. It also boosts the functioning of immune system. An AcaiUltima innovative weight loss pill is made of popular superfood- Acai Berry. Acai berry comprises of omega fatty acids and high antioxidant level which results in effective and quick weight loss. To know more about this safe and potent weight loss pill, visit

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